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The Goals of Mastery Publications

It is our desire that every child should reach his or her educational potential with the least amount of frustration possible - for both the student and the teacher.

During our fifteen year company history, our goals have remained simple:

      make learning and teaching an easy, enjoyable experience for everyone

      help all children, regardless of their preferred learning style or potential

      provide materials which are FUN to use, so children will practice longer and learn more in a shorter period of time

      provide flexible programs which allow for the individual differences God created in each of us

      make materials as "distraction free" as possible (no flashy color or unnecessary pictures, and lots of white space)

      leave ample room for writing answers, just in case the child writes like John Hancock

      help parents have realistic expectations for their special needs children

      make our products affordable and reproducible so no one will miss the benefit of materials suited for them

      promote Biblical character and an appreciation for the triune God and His handiwork

We have succeeded for thousands of families all over the world. You will find more expensive educational tools for your child, but you'll never find more well-rounded, flexible, comprehensive materials than ours. We hope to make a positive difference for your family, too!

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About the Author

Mrs. Letz Farmer (1949 - 2003) was a Christian wife and home schooling mother (since 1989). Along with her degree in special education and mental retardation, she graduated with honors and was selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. With graduate work and experience in learning disabilities, gifted and talented, emotional disturbance, and deafness, Letz spent 7 years as a teacher and curriculum developer in a public school K-8 resource room. During her last 3 years of public instruction, she taught adult pre-release prison inmates and a preschool class for the hearing impaired. She also served as an interim manual communications specialist in area high schools and an interpreter at Western Carolina University.

As a result of these varied experiences, she designed her curriculum to teach basic skills to all children - gifted, average, special needs, and reluctant learners. Using a flexible, Christian format, with non-distracting layouts and games whenever possible, her materials work!

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About Our Logo - NO fuss, NO fluff, and NO frustration

We believe in creating curriculum where there is:

      NO fuss - we want children to learn because of our materials, not in spite of them. Both student and teacher will be happy with a curriculum when optimal learning takes place. When children succeed, with sufficient challenge and progress, no one is dissatisfied.

      NO fluff - many curriculum suppliers choose to put nonsense word problems in their materials. We prefer to have the child work on what life will expect from him. Therefore, all of our word problems are realistic and factual, not foolish or impossible situations.

      NO frustration - success breeds success! When children move at their pace, and not the author's, they are comfortable. When they know something well, they will have confidence, and not experience frustration.


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How to Contact Us

We provide four types of assistance to you, our valued customer:

    FAQ (frequently asked questions) and their answers are available on this web site.

    E-mail assistance - (located at the bottom of each page - Send Mail) e-mail us your question and we will try to answer you. (We do not answer e-mail on weekends.)

    Telephone assistance - We are usually available M-F for this free service. We may be reached at (828) 676-2337.

    Should you wish to write, please include your telephone number, as a telephone reply is faster for us. Our address is:

      Mastery Publications
      90 Hillside Lane
      Arden, NC 28704

Please try at least one of these methods of resolving any questions or conflicts before returning any materials.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find that a product doesn't meet your needs within our 30 day examination period, you may return it in uncut, resaleable condition for a full refund (less shipping and handling charges). As a courtesy, please include a brief note explaining the reason for the return. If there is something we need to correct for future customers, we would like to do so.

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