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Contents of Mastering Mathematics

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    consists of placement tests and free Math Skill Inventory; 30 learning game boards; 16 self-checking fact wheels; flash cards; manipulatives (Counting strips for all 4 basic skills; Equivalents games for time, money, measurement, metric, geometry; Go to the Bank for place value; Fraction Flips; and Fraction Picture Proofs); review games; Certificates of Achievement; erasable page protector; an easy-to-read Parentís Manual containing additional curriculum activity suggestions, work sheets, games, answer keys; and one copy of each of the perfect bound workbooks.

    Advantages of purchasing the Entire Program:

      It is more economical to buy the entire program initially than in pieces and parts. You save $51.75 + $24 s/h over single program purchases and $38.90 + $19 s/h over combos. Why? It is our most popular seller. We print large quantities of entire programs and can sell them more economically.

      You get more for your money! You get a free Math Skill Inventory (a $10.95 value) included in the Parent's Manual. You also get the metric and geometry Equivalents games, which are not available with any other combo or single program. And it costs you less than $20 per grade level!

      You don't need to purchase a new curriculum every year. One program covers 1st through 6th with most of 7th and 8th included. (Mastering Mathematics only briefly exposes students to negative integers, which prevents it from being considered a "full 8 grade curriculum." Your child will learn negative integers in depth from any pre-algebra program after completing Mastering Mathematics.)

    Click on the desired title for its contents:

    Attacking Addition (covers grades 1-3+)

    Subduing Subtraction (1- 7)

    Mastering Multiplication (3-7)

    Defeating Division (1-8)

    Perfecting the Point (1-8)

    Finishing Fractions (1-8)

    Parent's Manual

Additional workbooks are also available for purchase if you decide not to reproduce them.




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