Most children’s fine motor development follows a specific sequence. Over time, children progress from the ability to make the simplest vertical stroke to more complex curves. Happy Handwriting uses this logical developmental sequence to teach letter formation, combining the simplest to hardest strokes into letters. This method reduces frustration and reversals.

This first ungraded workbook supplement to F.L.A.G.S. teaches manuscript printing of capitals, lower case letters and all numerals from 0-9.  More than just a handwriting book, it also gives practice materials for phonics (single consonants in a word’s beginning, middle, and ending positions; single long and short vowels). PLUS

writing the letters in alphabetical order
ordinal numbers
capitalization rules and practice
American Sign Language finger spelling
and MORE!

With input from the author’s “child consultant” daughter, we’ve made this 150 page workbook “child friendly” - using 5 “stroke friends”, short assignments, and happy pictures for phonics practice. Even the trace-inside-the-letter “mazes” leave room for every beginner’s occasional “wiggle.” And it is reproducible for your immediate family!

Use it with F.L.A.G.S. or by itself. Either way, your child’s beginning handwriting will be HAPPY!


Meet some of your Stroke Friends

Ian is your host

Tilde is one of his helpers

Ian and Tilde
can combine into a "T"







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