Mastering Mathematics

    covers basics for all elementary grades 1-6 (some kindergarten and most of 7th & 8th) - that’s less than $20 per grade level

    balanced approach using manipulatives, workbooks, & games

    games teach & reinforce facts

    most 2nd-3rd grade readers work independently

    short, practical assignments - large print & ample writing space

    simple pre-testing included for accurate placement

    purchase the entire program and receive a free Math Skill Inventory

    see how we compare to other popular math programs

    Multi-page unit sampler (Adobe Acrobat Reader required for reading this .pdf file)

    37 durable game boards, bound as a book, with 46 page Parent’s Manual

    150+ game variations lead to a variety of skills taught using the same games

    18 phonics cubes teach sound blending, the skill needed to make words out of individual phonetic sounds

    Spelling Squares teach syllables with prefixes, roots, and suffixes - definitions are on the back of the cards to practice Latin and Greek meanings

    500 flash cards for sight vocabulary games help with individualizing and making new games, teaching verb tenses, homonyms, antonyms, synonyms, and parts of speech

    pre-kindergarten through 4+ skills

Skill Inventory

    when you need to know exactly “what’s broken” so you can fix it easily

    32 page inventory covering the 100 most important math skills in kindergarten through grade 6

    examines facts and skills in computational (+, -, etc.) and non-computational math (time, money, measurement, etc.)

    free with complete Mastering Mathematics program

NC in a Nutshell

    introductory history and geography of North Carolina

    88 pages of information, using maps, text, activities, word searches, interactive timelines & MORE!

    appropriate for grades 3 - 7+

    150 page introductory manuscript (printing) workbook

    teaches capital and lower case letters, numerals (0-9), simple phonics and number concepts, capitalization, American Sign Language fingerspelling and MORE!

    bound in the middle so neither right nor left handed children need to fight the "binding hump"

    pre-kindergarten through 1+ skills


    160 page cursive handwriting book

    teachs lower case, capitals, capitalization, alphabetizing, simple grammar introductions, and MORE

    bound in the middle so neither right nor left handed children need to fight the "binding hump"

    appropriate for the child who is ready for cursive, usually 2nd grade or higher





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