What people are saying about Mastering Mathematics



The experts say:

"The manual is outstanding.  Lessons are very clearly laid out.  Large print, ample white space, the lack of distracting pictures, blank pages facing the work sheets, and short assignments give Mastering Mathematics probably the least distracting page layout in a complete curriculum for home schoolers.  This looks like a great program for the parent who wants flexibility and creativity yet has little lesson preparation time." Cathy Duffy, Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual

"Mastering Mathematics is a complete Christian elementary curriculum with many unique features.  Unlike other programs, it allows your child to “test out” of any subject areas he has already mastered.  Excellent explanations, easy to use for kids of all ability levels.  Kids can do most of the work on their own.  This is a good program - I’m using it with my own daughter Sarah." Mary Pride, Big Book of Home Learning, Vol. II

"This is my top math recommendation for just about any student with learning problems. The entire program offers excellent variety (games, number wheels, & a variety of workbook page formats) along with enough repetition of concepts to promote mastery. Bottom line: everyone I have using this program is happy with it." Sharon Hensley, Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

"It took the tears out of our math!" Rhonda Robinson, Home-made Schooling



Parents and Students say:

"Our 3rd grader is doing GREAT with M.M. and our 1st (almost 2nd) grader is also becoming very competent, thanks to your creative methods of drilling the facts. Finally we have come to a primary math text which gives children confidence that they really know the work." MC, Australia

"Just wanted to thank you for both a wonderful curriculum and a wonderful web site! I have 8 kids, and 6 of them have special needs. The ones who are able to use them are loving both Mastering Mathematics and F.L.A.G.S. We have tried many, many other things before these, and these are winners! Our math is no longer 2 hours of stress. It is 20 minutes of fun." L,  Florida

"I’m using your program with two children now and will begin using it with my third. They are all very different learners. Your program is simple and clear. It works well for my children and for me. I am a very busy (sometimes overwhelmed) mother of five children 10 and under. I just want you to know how thankful I am for the quality and effectiveness of Mastering Mathematics." JF, California

"Thanks for a curriculum that works for my (ADD) son (10 years). He has more confidence now that he can master math without being overwhelmed. Your program is great for those of us (Moms included) who struggle with math." TP, Oklahoma

"(My daughter) entusiastically goes about her assignments. I appreciate the logical sequence and practical application in your workbooks. I wish I had learned math this way!" MV, Louisiana

"My oldest son is greatly benefitting from Mastering Mathematics and I look forward to starting my daughter." PY, North Carolina

"I must tell you I am emphatically pleased! I love it!! It is so simple and has lots of ideas for incorporating it into our everyday lives - which is what learning is all about anyway! I only wish I had discovered it earlier. I especially love the color coding and animal coding. It makes it so easy for me as a parent." CJ, Texas

"My sons don't feel intimidated using your products. They can move quite easily from one skill into the next. They no longer seem to dread math! In fact, one of them said, 'This is easy!' Thanks for putting together a math curriculum that easily teaches skills and concepts. It really builds the student's confidence!" CY, Tennessee

"The thing I like best about Mastering Mathematics is the problems. They are fun and I like what is in the sentences. I also like the board games. It has been easy for me to learn with Mastering Mathematics because of the games and the way you teach." MW, 2nd grade student, South Africa




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