Don’t let your math program slowly fall apart. The Math Skill Inventory is a simple-to-administer diagnostic survey covering the 100 most important math skills taught in grades 1-6+. By checking the facts and skills your child has been taught, you’ll gain insight into his specific strengths and weaknesses.

Achievement tests give grade level equivalents - nice for bragging to your friends or bemoaning the “fact” that your child “doesn’t measure up”. Yet, equivalents really don’t tell you which facts or skills your child knows. The  Skill Inventory pinpoints exactly what your child has learned and where he needs additional work.

Reproducible for your immediate family, this 32 page Skill Inventory simplifies diagnosing each child’s strengths and weaknesses:

    as you begin home schooling - locating facts and skills requiring your immediate attention

    at the beginning of every school year - shows what was lost over the summer and helps you focus your instructional time

    at the year’s end - to check for specific fact and skill mastery great for special needs students - when you know what skills you have to build upon, your teaching becomes easier and more effective - and it can be used as an in-depth entrance test into Mastering Mathematics.

The Math Skill Inventory is given in several reasonable 10-20 minute sittings - all in a week or one skill at a time. Either approach gives you the direction you’ve been seeking.

And now it is included free with the Mastering Mathematics entire program purchase.


Major Testing Areas




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place value
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