At Mastery Publications, we know that every child is special. A large percentage of the school-age population, however, have very unique special needs. Unless those needs are dealt with appropriately, the child will not learn up to his or her potential.

Many parents are trying to teach their special children at home. Others are trying to help supplement the education their child receives at public or private schools. In either case, the child is receiving the one-on-one attention that all special needs’ children desperately require.

Over the years, Mrs. Farmer has spent hundreds of hours counseling parents of special needs children. She has considered it a privilege and honor to do so, cherishing the opportunity to share whatever small wisdom and experience God has given her. However, this “telephone time” is taking its toll on our home school. Rather than having our home school deteriorate, she has written the following articles containing these brainstorming ideas. We pray these will be helpful to you. You may give them to a friend, but you may not sell them or plagiarize.

God bless your efforts in helping the special child God has gifted to your care.

Real Life Math for LDs - There are many skills your LD child can (and should) learn, even if he only knows the numbers from 1-100. These basic skills are needed by every child.

An Open Letter to Parents of Downs Syndrome Children - Originally written to a mother of a 13 year old Downs Syndrome child, this article is packed with suggestions for many different skills and considerations.

Practical Curriculum Considerations and the LD Child - How do you choose the correct curriculum for your "special" child? Here is a simple, practical evaluation tool for looking at everyone's needs.

Language Arts Suggestions for LD Children - Need some simple activites that work for developing language arts (reading, spelling, written expression, and vocabulary development)? Before you throw up your hands and quit home schooling, try some of these.




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